Conditional formatting: highlighting cells that begin with the given text

This example defines a conditional format with a bold font and sets conditional formatting for the range B3:B11 for highlighting cells that begin with 'a'.

#include "libxl.h"

using namespace libxl;

int main()
    Book* book = xlCreateXMLBook();
    Sheet* sheet = book->addSheet(L"my");

    sheet->writeStr(2, 1, L"Poltava");
    sheet->writeStr(3, 1, L"Athens");
    sheet->writeStr(4, 1, L"Thessaloniki");
    sheet->writeStr(5, 1, L"Kalamata");
    sheet->writeStr(6, 1, L"Amsterdam");
    sheet->writeStr(7, 1, L"Alexandroupolis");
    sheet->writeStr(8, 1, L"Kyiv");
    sheet->writeStr(9, 1, L"London");
    sheet->writeStr(10, 1, L"New York");

    ConditionalFormat* cFormat = book->addConditionalFormat();
    ConditionalFormatting* cf = sheet->addConditionalFormatting();
    cf->addRange(2, 10, 1, 1);
    cf->addRule(CFORMAT_BEGINWITH, cFormat, L"a");

    return 0;

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